Gary Allan has released a lyric video for "Hangover Tonight." The song is the debut single from his upcoming, still-untitled album.

The song, which says, "We've been hanging around this place / Hanging on to the hope and the way this whiskey tastes / Waiting, wishing that you'd say, 'Hell with being sober, I wanna hangover tonight,'" was the perfect song to introduce the upcoming project, Allan says.

“I’m super excited about this single," he explains. "I feel like this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve reinvented myself, or tried to push myself to do different things. I feel like I have pushed myself into a very comfortable place because it is kind of '50s and '60s Motown. It reminds me of when I did “Runaway” and things like that. So it was a very easy thing for me to do. I was in rockabilly bands my whole life, and to me, it was just a throwback to my youth writing with [Chris Stapleton, Jesse Frasure and Cary Barlowe]. It was a lot of fun.”

The singer might be encouraging imbibing in both the song and the lyric video, which shows the alcohol flowing freely, but he has the perfect anecdote for curing the inevitable hangover the next day.

“For me, I have to run," he tells The Country Vibe. "I have to wake up and, like, tough sweat it out, otherwise it doesn't go away. So if I’m home, I’ll nurse it with aspirin. If I’m out on the road and it really has to go away, I gotta get out and exercise and run that stuff off.”

While there is no word yet on when Allan's new set of tunes will be released, the singer says that it's the most authentic representation of himself yet.

“I’m gonna do the tracks that I want,” Allan insists. “Last time, I let Jay [Joyce] pick what he wanted, and then I let Mark [Wright] pick what he wanted, then I took the [leftovers]. I think I’ll probably cut what I want this time.”

"Hangover Tonight" is available for download on iTunes.

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