When superstar Garth Brooks got a call that he was late for his 'Garth Brooks Live From Las Vegas' dress rehearsal, he had to idea the slip-up would turn out to benefit the show.

“The whole thing started when I got my time zones screwed up the first time I was going up to Vegas to sound check the room at the Wynn,” he explains to Country Aircheck. “I’m on my tractor when Steve Wynn calls and says, ‘Where the hell are you? The plane is waiting for you to come here and play.’ I look like crap, I’m wearing work boots and smell like diesel, but I grab my guitars and head for the plane.”

Brooks showed up to the rehearsal wearing his work clothes -- jeans, a pullover hoodie, construction boots and a ball cap. The surprising part of the story is that once he showed up to the theater at the Wynn Las Vegas, he wasn't asked to change.

“I show up at the theater and play the sound check show,” Brooks says. “And Wynn says, ‘I want you to dress just like that.’ He thought it was meant to be and that it looked like I just came from the living room. He was comfortable with the way I was dressed and said there was no other show in Vegas like it.”

The superstar ended up wearing the look for the televised performance, and the special has dominated television ratings.

“I thought he was crazy,” Brooks admits. “But I have to hand it to him. Everyone who walked out of there said it felt like a living room, and a lot of it was just how casually we approached it.”