Garth Brooks and Trisha YearwoodGarth Brooks knows wife Trisha Yearwood will definitely add some different elements to his upcoming shows in Las Vegas when she joins him -- mainly beauty and grace.

"It's a 'Beauty and the Beast' thing," Garth tells CNN. "I can start a song in one octave and end it up in three keys, not knowing that I've changed. She's precision -- perfect with feeling -- and that's impressive to anybody you bring out."

Trisha will be making the two-hour trip from Oklahoma with her husband most weekends, and the two will be traveling in style on their own private jet, an 11-seat Challenger, which Garth loves not for its glitz, but its accessibility. "I don't know anything about jets," the country superstar admits. "It's got a cool interior, a cool paint job ... But it gets me to Vegas, and it gets me home to see my girls. And so in that case, it's fabulous."

Garth's 15-week-per year engagement at Steve Wynn's Encore Theatre begins Dec. 11.