Garth Brooks' World Tour continues to break records, including his own. The Oklahoma native recently set new ticket sales records for shows in both Minnesota and Arkansas.

Brooks sold more than 201,000 tickets for his 11 shows at the Target Center in Minneapolis, breaking his previously single-city record of 180,000 tickets for 11 shows in Chicago. The country music superstar wraps up his run at the venue this weekend (Nov. 15).

In addition, Brooks has broken the Arkansas state record for most tickets sold at an entertainment event by selling more than 44,000 tickets for three shows at the Verizon Arena on Dec. 11, 12 and 13. His success beats George Strait, who sold 40,111 tickets for a 2001 show.

The 52-year-old is keeping a grueling touring schedule, performing multiple shows back-to-back in cities all over the country, but he says the credit for his non-stop energy doesn't belong to him alone.

“It only comes from the people,” Brooks says. “That’s the biggest misconception of touring for us. People go, ‘Wow, man, how are you going to do 11 shows in Chicago?’ And it’s like, you don’t understand. We come into town on empty. We fill up every night when those people come into the arena. That’s where you get your fuel from.’”

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