Garth Brooks visited the set of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' Wednesday (November 24), where he opened up to the talk-show host about life performing in Las Vegas, his amazing fan base after all these years, and the best gift of all, fatherhood. Here are the highlights:

Garth on the response he gets from his Vegas audiences: "It's very sweet. I keep looking around thinking it's [for] somebody else. They keep showing up, and what I love is that they sing, they laugh, they cry ... I don't know of anybody who laughs or cries more than I do. It's a blast. It's fun to be playing again."

On the formula for his Vegas shows:
"It's about my life, and it's about the music that influenced the music that became mine. It's a truly magical place. It's wondrous. I will close my eyes and hours will go by, and I'll still be on stage and people will still be singing. It's a cool place to be. It's when they get tired [I wrap up my show because] how can [I] get tired of this?"

On being a dad: "The only thing better than playing music is being a dad. That's the only thing better. What I am thankful for is that my mom always said it was a gift, and as long as it's going to last, it's going to last, but the day it's over, all the money in the world can't buy you another day."

On raising three teenage daughters: "They say every day as a dad gets better. I didn't expect that to go into the teen years, but it actually did. I have three wonderful friends that I call my daughters, but they do know that they have a dad if they need it."

On whether he's a strict parent: "Anybody who's a parent knows that you're as strict as your child needs you to be, [and you can't parent them all the same]. I got that speech from them. [laughs] 'Dad, if one of us does something, all three of us gets in trouble' was the speech. I was like, 'You know what ... you're right.' But they do know there are some [speeches from me] they'll share."

On scoring 26 No. 1 records: "It's pretty cool. Numbers are funky because you're always going to find somebody with bigger numbers, you know what I mean?"

On wife, Trisha Yearwood: "She is fabulous. Thank God she's healthy, and everything's good."

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