Garth Brooks is unstoppable. The country music icon has broken yet another ticket sales record, this time in Nebraska.

On the first day of the on sale period, Brooks sold more than 92,000 tickets for his upcoming shows at Omaha's CenturyLink Center. That number easily beats the state's previous ticket sales record -- also held by Brooks, from his Sept. 24-28, 1997, concerts at the Devaney Center in Lincoln. For those concerts, he sold a total of 66,661 tickets.

Brooks originally planned on playing just two shows in Omaha while on his latest World Tour, but he added four more due to fan demand. He will perform one show on May 7, two shows each on May 8 and May 9 and one show on May 10.

The Oklahoma native has broken ticket sales records in almost every city he's played in since embarking on his tour last year. But, Brooks insists that he is in it for the enjoyment more than the financial gain.

“For me, I don’t care about the dollar bill bottom line, I care about the memories of, did I have fun there? Did we get to do stuff as a crew there, as a band there?” the singer says. “You betcha, we’re going back to all the fun places.”

Brook's World Tour, which also includes performances at each show by his wife Trisha Yearwood, comes after he took a several-year hiatus to raise his three daughters. But now that the youngest in in college, he says that there's no place he'd rather be than on stage.

“The greatest gift I've ever received was the time off to raise our kids,” Brooks says. “But I've got to tell you … the greatest next gift I've received was the chance to do it all again. We’re having a great time.”

A complete list of World Tour dates is available here.

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