Looks like tickets are in high demand for Garth Brooks in Nashville and Las Vegas. The semi-retired country icon, who recently sold out nine concerts in Music City to help recovery efforts following the damaging flood that hit Tennessee earlier this year, is also a hot ticket item in Las Vegas, where he performs at the Wynn Encore Theater. So much so, in fact, that hotel owner Steve Wynn is raising tickets prices for Garth's show by $100.

"When the greatest live performer of our time appears in such an intimate theater, the seats should be priced at least competitively with other great Las Vegas entertainers," says Wynn (quote via WVVU).

The price jump, which takes the tickets from $125 to $225, is a far cry from what Garth originally wanted to charge for his shows. The singer had originally asked that the ticket price be just $25, saying that's what his fans were used to spending to see him. "We finally decided that all tickets would be $125," Steve recalls. "There isn't a seat in this place that wouldn't be considered ringside in a stadium."

The Grammy-winning singer and his superstar wife, Trisha Yearwood are undoubtedly still thrilled to be a part of the Vegas experience. "We talked about it and at first it was like, 'This is never going to happen.'" Trisha tells The Boot of the discussions she and Garth had when the Vegas opportunity first presented itself. "Then it was like, 'This would be really cool but no.' Finally we were saying, 'You know, this might really work!' I have to say the reason it worked was because of Mr. Wynn. He and Garth share the same passion for music, and every time we had an objection, he overcame it."

Garth's show at the Wynn Encore runs through 2014. Find his show dates here.