Garth Brooks joined Justin Timberlake on stage at the pop star's show in Nashville last winter, and Brooks is letting fans in on the story of how the performance happened.

The pair shared the stage to perform Brooks' hit song "Friends in Low Places" at Timberlake's Music City concert, but it all started when the country icon saw Timberlake in the crowd at one of his concerts in St. Louis, Mo.

“We’re in St. Louis, and Chuck comes, and he goes, ‘Justin Timberlake’s here,’ and I went, 'Hahaha! Yeah, right!’ and he goes, ‘No, dude. He’s here.’ My first question was, ‘Why?’" Brooks jokes during a "town hall"-style interview on Sirius XM's The Highway. "So I come to find out, he grew up on our stuff. He’s right over stage right, and this kid’s singing every word, and I’m like, ‘Holy cow!’"

Timberlake came backstage after the show and invited Brooks to come to his concert in Nashville. Brooks hesitated a bit, but his wife Trisha Yearwood was all in, telling her husband matter-of-factly, “We’re going to that concert."

That concert was the last show that Brooks attended as a fan, which isn't surprising, considering his busy schedule while on tour. He's getting so used to being on the road that he jokes that it's affecting his life at home in strange ways.

"I go to the refrigerator about two o’clock in the morning -- when that light hits me, I do about 15 minutes!” he says, laughing.

Keep up with a list of Brooks' upcoming tour dates as he announces them here.

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