Garth BrooksGarth Brooks might appear to have every reason to be one of the most self-assured and confident artists today. In addition to his countless accolades and record-breaking tour sales, he's the top selling solo artist of all time. But even Garth has insecurities.

Now officially out of retirement and performing in Las Vegas, the country superstar admits that in spite of all his success, he still questions himself, just like everyone else. "What you see when you look in the mirror are the things you haven't done yet," Garth tells Las Vegas radio station KWNR. "You can get a million pieces of fan mail about what your music means to them, and one piece that tells you you suck, and that's the one piece you keep thinking about."

Despite his worldwide fame, Garth keeps a very simple, low-key home life, which is exactly the way he wants it. Living in Oklahoma with his wife, Trisha Yearwood, and his three daughters (from his marriage to his first wife, Sandy), he fills his days with a normal routine that shows no evidence of his fame. "Just taking the kids to school, getting to play around on the farm, taking care of some business over the phone," he says of his daily routine. "I'm really heavy into my alma mater right now, Oklahoma State. Getting back and seeing those guys is good ... And just being involved in my children's life, being the husband to an extraordinary woman that has a substantive career on her own, either as an artist or a book author. It's cool to get to do all that."

Garth just began his five-year run at the Wynn Las Vegas Encore Theatre, where he will perform 15 weeks a year. Click here for tickets.