Not everyone has been a fan of Garth Brooks making his long-awaited comeback in Ireland next month, with some residents threatening legal action to stop his five-night concert series at Croke Park. But now it seems the shows will go on as scheduled.

“In my view it will go ahead and the five concerts will happen," Croke Park Director Peter McKenna maintains to the Irish Mirror.

The residents who disputed Brooks' ability to play in the park cited an ordinance stating that the park couldn't host more than three concerts per year, but McKenna says it is perfectly acceptable for the country music superstar to perform five shows.

"We had permission for the three One Direction concerts, but you are allowed to apply for a license to run other events," he adds. “That’s what we’ve done for Garth Brooks. It’s not the first time, we’ve applied for various different events in the past.”

Residents opposing the shows asked for a meeting between the council and the public, so they could voice their concerns. While a meeting was originally scheduled, the Dublin City Council have since said a meeting is no longer planned.

“There were in excess of 370 submissions/observations lodged in respect of this license application, most of which were extremely detailed in nature," the council wrote in a letter (quote via the Irish Mirror).

“Having regard to the level of detail provided in these submissions/observations it is not proposed to convene a public meeting or take oral submissions with regard to this license application."

The letter went on to say that the council felt they had sufficient information that a face-to-face meeting was no longer necessary, a decision that angered many of the residents.

“They [the council] are happy to meet with the promoters but not with the residents, it is not acceptable," says Pat Gates from the Croke Park Residents Association. “It is very emotional for us, we wanted to personally impress on the county council the impact that this has had on us, a letter is a very cold way of expressing that.”

400,000 people are expected to attend the sold-out shows, including 70,000 from other countries. Brooks' shows in Ireland will take place July 25-29.

The 'Friends in Low Places' singer announced the Ireland shows as part of his worldwide comeback tour, which will last three years. Future dates have not yet been announced. Details, when available, will be posted here.