Garth Brooks has announced how he hopes his career will come to an end.

The singer talked to WKDQ's Eric Cornish and gave him some insight into his future plans.

"Well, it's gonna end 27 years from now. Let's start there," he says. "I'd like to just go out on my terms and just go, 'Hey, you know? I'm tired.' But if my wife was sitting here right next to me, she'd roll her eyes and go, 'He's never going to get tired.' It's just, I love, love, love, love it and the only thing I want that I don't have is more of it, to tell you the truth."

That's good news for Brooks' fans, who have been buying tickets to his World Tour like wildfire. Brooks recently announced two dates in Detroit, Mich., only the 13th city announced so far, but he has already sold over 1 million tickets since the tour began.

See a complete list of Brooks’ tour dates, all of which include his wife Trisha Yearwood as a special guest, here.

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