Garth Brooks has had dozens of radio hits, but he says when it comes to performing the songs from stage, there's one song that rises to the top.

"The greatest song to play live," he reveals on 'Today,' "when you see 'Callin' Baton Rouge' coming up on the thing, and you know those people are going to go to another level, that's what it's all about."

'Callin' Baton Rouge,' written by Dennis Linde, was on Brooks' fourth studio album, 'In Pieces.' The song can also be found on his 2007 'Ultimate Hits' record.

Brooks is currently crossing the country on his world tour, after a 13-year hiatus to focus on his family. But while he is thrilled to be in front of sold-out crowds each night, he admits he isn't always as confident as he might seem.

“[I] still get nervous,” he reveals. “I hope there’s never a show where [I] don’t, but it’s more, the word now becomes ‘anxious.’ It’s just, like, wanting to get out there and wanting to find out how it’s going to go and all this stuff."

The singer-songwriter was on 'Today' as part of an unprecedented appearance on the morning TV show, marking the first time in the show's 62-year history that an artist has appeared in all four hours of the broadcast.

Brooks' 'Man Against Machine' album was released in November and recently went platinum. The project can be downloaded here.

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