Country superstar Garth Brooks announced today that he's releasing a boxed set of greatest hits. 'The Ultimate Hits' package will feature 30 classic tunes, three new singles, a bonus track and a DVD of music videos for every song on the 2-disc compilation.

"I'm nervous as hell," Brooks joked, walking on stage to make the announcement in front of almost 200 radio personalities from all over the country who are in Nashville this weekend for "GRS" (Garth Radio Seminar).

Wearing his trademark cowboy hat, a button-down shirt and jeans, the singer looked significantly slimmer, but joked that as soon as the video shoots are over, he's hitting Taco Bell. Brooks admitted to the crowd that he's anxious about returning to the spotlight after more than eight years of retirement, likening his nerves to being on the sidelines of a race, about to jump into the fray: "How do you get up to that speed without getting run over?" he asked.

The first single from the new project is a mid-tempo love song called 'More Than a Memory,' co-written by up-and-comer Lee Brice. It's set to hit airwaves on August 27. Other new songs include 'Midnight Sun,' 'Leave the Light On' and a duet with Huey Lewis on the classic 'Workin' for a Livin.' There are no new duets with wife Trisha Yearwood, but she does sing backup on several songs. Brooks said he'd like to do an entire album of duets with his bride and hopes that will come in the near future.

What's not coming anytime soon is a full-fledged tour, as Brooks, whose last tour was in 1998, says he is still committed to staying home in Oklahoma with his three daughters. "As much as I love what I do, you guys can't hold a candle to seeing your little girl play soccer," he explained. "I've had a great gig being a dad -- best gig in the world ... And it's also a great gig being Mr. Yearwood."

Still, Brooks does plan on doing local concerts and appearances to promote the 'Ultimate Hits' project. And after his girls have all gone to college, he says he'll certainly start thinking about gassing up the tour bus. "I wanna fire it up one more time and make everything we've done look small," the 45 year-old star said. "I wanna do it even if it's a wheelchair and walker tour!"

Garth Brooks' 'The Ultimate Hits' is set to hit stores November 6. While his last compilation of hits was sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, this new project will be available to all retailers, with the exception of online services such as iTunes -- Brooks is adamant that the project be sold as a set and not available for downloading separate tracks. The country star, who has always personally made sure his music is affordable, promises the entire set will cost somewhere between just $11and $14.

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