Between shows at Red Rocks in Colorado, Florida Georgia Line traded their guitars for hammers to help Habitat for Humanity.

Band members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard have helped the organization with fundraising in the past, but this time, the duo woke up early on Sept. 18 to be onsite to physically help a Denver family work on their home.

“If we’re going to talk about something, we want to go ahead and get our hands dirty and do it, that’s kind of how we've always been, and if we’re going to be involved in something, we really want to be involved,” Kelley says. “To be out here and see the houses and see the development and see the people who are putting in the sweat equity, the homeowners, the volunteers … it’s inspiring.”

The future homeowner, Mon Magar, was excited to have the boys helping out on the three-bedroom home, which the family plans to move into in April 2015.

“We are feeling so excited because we all ready to move into a brand-new home, which is going to be everything our own,” Magar says. “We are really excited.”