Faith HillFaith Hill is back as the voice of NBC's 'Sunday Night Football,' performing the opening theme song 'Waiting All Day for Sunday Night' for the fourth year in a row.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the country superstar recently shot a video clip for the theme, co-starring several of today's hottest football stars. There will be scenes of the Chicago Bears' Brian Urlacher spiraling his way through the columns at Soldier Field, apparently running into one so hard that he cracks it! Also featured are the Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson running to the top of the famed 'Rocky' steps, the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson sprinting past ice fishermen on a frozen lake and Indianapolis Colts' Dwight Freeney swimming through a cornfield. Some of the other players included in the video are Peyton Manning and his brother Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Ray Lewis.

Dwight Freeney tells the L.A. Times for him to be included in the commercial is "a very select thing, an honor ... whoever it is that makes those decisions decided that you were one of the elite guys."

Faith has said she is also honored to be part of the 'Sunday Night Football' crew, mainly because she is a huge fan of the game. Watching players hit the gridiron is a huge deal in her household and being married to Tim McGraw not only meant to love, honor and cherish him, but to love, honor and cherish football as well.

"I'm a football fan," she says proudly. "I have to be to be able to have a conversation with my husband during football season ... I've learned a lot about football over the last [several] years. I understand when to ask a question. Something's happened on the field, and I don't quite understand what's going on, you never ask during a replay. You never ask a question during a replay!"

Her hubby has often mixed business with his love for the game, having been featured in two football-themed films, 'Friday Night Lights' and 'The Blind Side,' as well as having had co-ownership in Nashville's former Arena Football team, the Nashville Kats.

Faith's history with the NFL goes back a decade. "The first year that the stadium opened for the Tennessee Titans [in 1999], I sang the national anthem for the first game," the singer explains. "The Titans went to the Super Bowl [in 2000], and I sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl." In 2009, when Faith performed 'America, the Beautiful' at the Super Bowl, she became the only country artist to ever perform both 'America, the Beautiful' and the national anthem at the Super Bowl (in different years).

'Waiting All Day for Sunday Night' is expected to debut for the new season on Sunday, September 12, the first 'Sunday Night Football' broadcast of 2010, featuring the Washington Redskins playing host to the Dallas Cowboys.