Faith Hill talks life and health in the May issue of Redbook magazine. The country superstar says taking care of herself and her family all starts in the kitchen.

"I still cook every night, but I try to stay with a lot more fruits and vegetables," she explains, adding that she gets a lot of home-grown veggies from her parents' garden.

Hill says her family -- husband Tim McGraw and three daughters -- still loves southern cooking, including fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, so she lets them indulge once a week. "That's where Tim and I come from, and it truly is comfort food," she says. "I mean, I'm sorry, but we will run miles for a fried pork chop!"

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Hill, who is about half way through recording her next album of what she calls "soulful and relevant songs," says she is now very conscious that what she puts into her body shows up on the outside.

"I was aging pretty well, but I wasn't really committed to working out and eating right," she confesses. "Once I saw the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, it just became so worth it to me, physically and psychologically. As I get older, I'm learning much more about how to better take care of myself and the things that do and don't work for me."

Calling herself a late bloomer in regards to a healthy lifestyle, Hill says the biggest change she's made is having a routine every night which includes "cleaning my face, moisturizing my entire body after I get out of the bath or shower, around my eyes and my face, even my lips. I've learned to keep multiple tubes of moisturizer all around the house. I've also started to drink a lot of water, which is something I never used to do."

But Hill is by no means vain. While she's conscious of her health, the singer still isn't one to put on a lot of makeup every time she goes out. "Honestly I don't even think about makeup," she admits. "Sometimes if we're going to a function at the girls' school, I'll throw on a little mascara and maybe a little concealer and lipstick. A lot of that has to do with time. Do I want to spend an extra half hour in my bathroom, or would I rather be with the girls?"

Hill says she tries to instill in her daughters the idea of being healthy but also happy. "As a family we always talk about being healthy and how beauty comes in so many different shapes and sizes. We talk about being happy and active and how having a good mind is the most important thing. I always tell the girls that having knowledge of things and ideas will serve them more than anything else in the long run."