Faith Hill, Heidi KlumFaith Hill had some pretty big high heels to fill as one of the deciding voices in naming the winner of the latest 'Project Runway' season ... and she braved a huge snowstorm to do it!

Faith jetted to the Big Apple, which was covered in more than a foot of snow, last week to attend the finale fashion show and review 10 'Runway' designers' collections. The country superstar, along with host Heidi Klum and judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, then traveled to an undisclosed location to help choose this season's big winner from the top three finalists.

"What I saw was truly extraordinary and it made judging very difficult," Faith reports. "All of the designers were creative and imaginative. But there were some whose craftsmanship was impeccable. Designers by trade, are always capable of sewing their own clothing, but the tailoring that I saw was extremely impressive; a few in particular knocked me out. The passion that these individuals showed, and their eagerness to learn from feedback and criticism, should prove an inspiration for those that follow them."

You can catch Faith on 'Project Runway' this Thursday (Feb. 18) at 10:00 PM ET on Lifetime.

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