Faith Hill is making another appearance on the big screen, and no, it's not a sequel to the 2004 version of 'Stepford Wives.' This time, she's starring in an indie crime drama, with no creepily submissive, docile, fawning wives in sight.

Rolling Stone reports that the country star plays the mother of a young man (Chris Zylka of 'The Leftovers') who is released from prison, moves in back with his mom and falls in love with a troubled girl next door (Riley Keough of 'Magic Mike' and 'Runaways').

The cast is impressive, with RJ Mitte ('Breaking Bad'), Spencer Lofranco ('Jamesy Boy'), Brad Carter ('True Detective'), singer-songwriter Steve Earle ('Treme') and WWE wrestler Mick Foley all signing on for the film. There's also a country music tie to Keough: She's the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and granddaughter of legend Elvis Presley.

Hill shot the film in Jackson, Miss., and it was written and directed by Hank Bedford, who recently served as associate producer on Oscar contender 'Foxcatcher.' 'Dixieland' wrapped up filming right before the 2014 CMA Awards, where Hill stunned as one of the best-dressed celebrities of the evening.

While this is only Hill's second film project, she's no stranger to acting. In 1997, she appeared in 'Touched by an Angel' and 'Promised Land.' And, of course, her husband Tim McGraw has had roles in 'Friday Night Lights,' 'The Blind Side' and 'Four Christmases.' He's also appearing in George Clooney's sci-fi adventure flick, 'Tomorrowland.'