Faith Hill is 42 years old today, and on Oct. 6 she'll celebrate her 13th wedding anniversary with hubby Tim McGraw. As Tim, Faith and their three daughters and get ready to move into a new home, Faith's obviously feeling a bit nostalgic -- as witnessed by her thoughts on the recent discovery of ticket stubs to a show she performed with Johnny Cash in 1996.

That was certainly a year to remember, as Faith also shared the stage with her future spouse, on the aptly-named Spontaneous Combustion tour, just months before they would tie the knot.

"When I got the invitation to be on that tour I was like, 'Heck, yeah I wanna go on that tour!,' Faith recalls with a laugh. "But then we started to get a little smarter and think, 'How could this possibly work?' Two entertainers doing the same thing. There is not a great record for it in the history of life and love and entertainers sticking together."

Faith says that even though the track record for marital unions between fellow performers wasn't so strong, they did come up with at least one example -- George Burns and Gracie Allen, who were married for nearly 40 years, until Gracie's death.

And although 1996 was the first time they toured together,Tim and Faith first met -- and shared the concert stage -- at Country Radio Seminar's New Faces show in 1994.