Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and their three daughters have just moved from the Tennessee home they've lived in for the past six years, to a new house built just for the family. In an interview with, done the day before the big move, Faith talked about the memories the family has shared in their old house, and how special the new place will be.

"We've been waiting to move for three-and-a-half years," says the singer and mom. "[We've been] building this house in the middle of tours and all that kind of stuff, so this is a very big thing for our family. Every home we've ever lived in has always been a place we knew we were going to move out of, so this is a special time for our family. After thirteen years of marriage!"

One of the things the family will likely do in the new house is gather around the TV to watch football. Faith calls them a "serious football family," and not just because she sings the theme song for NBC's 'Sunday Night Football.'

"I was brought up on football," she says. "My mom is a huge New Orleans Saints fan. It was just part of our life. When Tim and I first met, I realized quickly I was moving into a serious, serious football family. So it's become part of our lifestyle and something that our kids enjoy as well. It's hard to imagine 12, 11 and 7-year-olds -- and girls to boot -- all really, really love watching football.

Faith also says that even though she's not entirely familiar with all aspects of the game, it allows her to spend time with her husband during football season, which is a good thing because, she jokingly admits, "If I did not enjoy football, it would almost be like living alone." It's not surprising that Tim, who like his wife has blended music with making movies, has appeared in two football-themed films, 'Friday Night Lights' and the upcoming drama, 'The Blind Side.'

Even though she's been able to immerse herself in one of his hobbies, Faith says the same can't necessarily be said of Tim when it comes to the things she likes to do.

"I'm a big organizer and he's not quite there yet" she notes. "He's trying. In the middle of this move it's been funny -- I always ask him to clean out this pile and clean out that pile. It takes him about five minutes whereas it takes me a whole day. So maybe I should be more like him."

As her two oldest daughters approach their teenage years, Faith says she's heard plenty of "horror stories" about what lies ahead.

"Every person I run into that has girls they say, 'Oh, how old are they?' and I give them the age and they say, 'Oh, you're just a couple of years away from hell.' I've not experienced it but I'm taking notes and reading. One of the greatest bits of advice that I have never forgotten [was from an article] about how important it is for teenage girls to be friends with their mom's best friends. If something ever happened and they felt like they couldn't come to you because they were embarrassed or they could possibly get into trouble, they could go and tell your girlfriend. I've never forgotten that."

And even if there are plenty of people who would love to swap places with Faith or Tim, to their daughters, they're just mom and dad. Asked if Maggie, Audrey and Grace think she's a cool mom, Faith replies, "Probably not. My daughters think I'm goofy and crazy. They love their parents, I can tell you that. I don't know that they think we're cool. You'd have to ask them that question."

Faith and family will likely be huddled together in front of the TV this weekend as her favorite team, the Tennessee Titans, take on the Indianapolis Colts on NBC's 'Sunday Night Football.'