It's the thought that counts, right? Faith Hill admits she always intends to send holiday cards, but she never actually gets around to putting stamps on them.

"I've not been so good the last couple of years," the country superstar tells Dial-Global. "I actually buy the cards, but they've never made it out of my house. I've even addressed them and they've not made it out of my house. It's horrible. Isn't it awful? It's just such a waste. So I have to go back and take the pictures out, then I've got a pile of pictures that I never send."

At least she hasn't been wasting her money on pricey professional photos for those never-seen cards. Hill says when it comes to the Hill-McGraw clan, they stick to family photographers.

"Our photograph is usually something that's just candid," she says. "We have never taken a family portrait together ever."

Hill's new single, 'A Baby Changes Everything' (from her 'Joy to the World' CD), has hit the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart. Listen to the entire album here.