Georgia native Erica Nicole is releasing an emotional and empowering music video for her song "I'm Making Mine" -- the lead single from and title track of her new album -- and she's letting The Boot readers see it first in an exclusive premiere.

The video involves a simple cast of three characters: Nicole, her (fake) husband and his secret mistress. Throughout the clip, a storyline unfolds, and the song's lyrics are indicative of what's happening.

"The concept of the video is to be who you are and never let someone else compromise your happiness," Nicole tells The Boot.

With her powerful and soulful vocals, Nicole sings, "I can see it / Her, sitting there, patting the bed beside her / That war going on in your head," as her music video husband eyes up a pretty brunette with a seductive glow in her eyes. "I can picture her sliding off that skirt she's wearing / You, standing there in front of her, staring / Weighing your options to live with the secret / Or keep the promise that you made to me."

The weighty lyrics are matched by Nicole's deeply felt vocals; they resonate from her heart into the recording.

The storyline moves from the husband making a big mistake with another women to him realizing what he's done and rushing home -- but, it's too late.

"I can sit here / Try and talk it out with a cheater," Nicole sings, "But somewhere, there's somebody waiting to hold me / I don't know his name yet / And he's better than you were / He's gonna feel like thunder and lightning / And I'd rather get up and go find him."

The clip is an on-point capture of "I'm Making Mine," and it was directed by Nicole herself.

"Aside from getting to direct my first music video, I also got to play a role in the storyline of the video," Nicole explains. "Having created the vision and treatment for the video, it was fascinating to see it all come to life!"

Music videos always involve their fair share of fun, and Nicole admits that her favorite part was tricking her friends into thinking she was actually married.

"I think my favorite part of filming was when we were getting the wedding photo ...," she recalls. "I actually sent that pic to a few friends as a joke, and they totally thought I got married without them knowing!"

Nicole's record, I'm Making Mine, has received rave reviews from critics, and she's become the first independent female artist to have three consecutive Top 20 records on the Music Row CountryBreakout chart.

Nicole has scheduled dates through Oct. 31 in New York, Tennessee, North Carolina and more. All dates, plus more information, are available on