Eric Church has found the perfect way to balance his career with fatherhood: bring the baby on tour! The singer-songwriter has sold-out 21 of his Blood, Sweat & Beers tour stops so far, and he's been able to share each one with his wife Katherine and their nearly five-month-old son, Boone McCoy.

"We were playing South Haven, Mississippi, and we had 10,000 people, and you walk off stage feeling like a rock star," he tells The Boot. "I went back up on the bus and Boone had a dirty diaper. I still had my ears [monitors] around my neck, I still had my hat and sunglasses on, and I changed his diaper. I wasn't four minutes from walking off stage."

See a precious picture of baby Boone here.

While the singer doesn't resent his parental duties, he is aware that this isn't quite what he envisioned before becoming a musician. "The funniest thing about it is, I remember when I used to go to shows, and you always wonder what the person you just saw on stage is doing," he explains. "You'd be in the parking lot, in traffic, and you're wondering what they're doing. If they only knew that I was up there changing a diaper! And Boone didn't care. He was just laughing the whole time. So, it was a funny, unique moment."

The Blood, Sweat & Beers tour kicked off Jan. 19 in Fort Smith, Ark., and is the North Carolina native's first-ever headlining arena tour, a giant step up since performing in bars to roughly 2,000 fans -- on a good night -- just a year ago. Now, Eric's shows average 7,500 tickets sold. His hard work and determination to get to this point is what led to the trek's name.

"It's taken a lot of all three for me to get here," Eric told the Associated Press before hitting the road. "Somebody asked me what was more of, barely, I would said beer, then it would be sweat, then there was a lot of blood. [laughs] There's been some blood along the way. I think it's fitting for the kind of tour it's going to be. It's going to be very in-your-face like the rest of our stuff. Probably, some parental guidance will be needed. That's OK. It's the kind of show we've always put on, and the kind of show I enjoy."

He continues the 'Beers' tour tonight (March 15) in Binghamton, N.Y., while March 16 finds him in Reading, Pa., and Saturday (March 17) he'll be in Atlantic City, N.J. Eric is scheduled to perform on NBC's 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' on Monday, March 19. See his concert schedule here.

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