Eric Church has released another video in the unfolding storyline from his new album, 'The Outsiders.'

The latest video, for the song 'A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young,' continues where his previous video, ‘San Destino Rising: Movimiento De Una,’ left off. As that clip ended, a young woman was visibly shaken after being given a second chance by an older woman who says, “This time, you’re going to have to show me that there are no bounds and restrictions on what you will do for me."

In the video for 'A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young,' the same woman appears, interspersed with clips of a little boy and girl walking together, and ultimately ending up in a graveyard, with a time stamp of October 8, 1995. The man who appeared in the last video -- as part of a heated exchange in the garage, dated January 4, 2014 -- also appears.

Throughout the three-and-a-half minute clip, Church can be seen solemnly playing his guitar. The video ends with a brief view of the roadside funeral that also appeared in the video for his debut single from the album, 'Give Me Back My Hometown,' before the little boy and girl are seen running through a field together holding hands.

While the North Carolina native admits he doesn't understand the entire process himself, he says there was a specific reason why he chose the unique method to share 'The Outsiders' with his fans.

“I love mysteries,” he explains. “That’s kind of where this whole video thing, when we started this teaser thing, we already had the concept for what these videos were gonna be. And we wanted it to be this big mystery, level of intrigue, that just was fun for fans that we could have this thing of trying to figure it out and looking at where clues were.”

Even though parts of the ongoing drama may not seem to make sense, the singer-songwriter urges fans to pay close attention to each detail.

“All the characters that are in that, light will be shed on them as we go through this single process and video process,” he tells “Throughout this entire album, that storyline will continue to play out and the ending is quite remarkable. We’ll get to that one day.”

Church is currently overseas, with remaining shows in Germany, Sweden and Norway, before he kicks off the North American leg of his tour at the iHeart Country Radio Festival on March 29 in Austin, Texas. See a list of his upcoming shows here.