For Eric Church, the show must go on - in spite of a broken foot! And who would expect anything less from an artist whose latest trek is dubbed the Young & Wild(er) tour. The singer fractured his foot during a Sept. 4 show at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, and kept right on playing.

Eric says has no plans to cancel any upcoming shows as a result of the injury. "As my fans know, I get pretty excited on stage and stomp my feet," offers the enthusiastic entertainer. "The combination of the stomping and the fact that our crowds are crazier than ever led to me breaking my foot. I refuse to miss a show over this, so for the time being, I'll be doing the rest of the shows from a stool. I'm still gonna bring it, and I expect our fans to do the same."

The tour which got underway Sept. 3, includes performances along the East Coast and Midwest, continuing Eric's Young & Wild Tour last spring, which encompassed 20 sold-out shows, including record-breaking attendance at the Dallas Bull in Tampa, Fla. Eric's latest single, 'Love Your Love the Most,' is currently climbing the charts. It's from his sophomore CD, 'Carolina.'