Eric ChurchEric Church has found that his fans are a zealous bunch, forcing the Country Throwdown powers-that-be to move him after only three dates from headlining the tour's Outlaw Stage to performing on the Main Stage.

While Eric says he's glad to satisfy the fans' demands -- made known by shouts and screams of "Main Stage!" between each of his songs on the Outlaw Stage and also by a petition the fans sent to tour organizers -- he is a bit sad not to perform the 'Unplugged and Uncensored' versions of his songs he had planned.

"I love our fans so this is really more about them," Eric tells The Boot of his Main Stage move. "I was loving the unplugged. We are always plugged in and ripping people's face off. I thought it was really cool to play unplugged, but the fans were having none of it. Now we're plugged back in and just beat them over the head."

Besides having his fans reaffirm their love for him, the tour has given Eric a chance to reconnect with some of his old friends, including Hank Williams Jr.

"I've been out drinking with him. I've been on his plane. We're friends," says Eric. "He is easily the most fun on stage. You never know what is gonna happen because he does whatever he wants to do. He's super talented and so fun to watch. We are the same way on stage, we want to burn the place down."

In fact, Eric, Hank and Jamey Johnson have developed such kinship during the tour, they are discussing teaming up for some future projects.

"I have a comfort level with those guys; we have the same goals," says Eric. "it's a good match, me and Jamey and Hank."

The Country Throwdown tour is scheduled to end on June 20 in Mountain View, Calif.

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