Eric Church may be well-known for his hard-rockin' country shows, but he's a really softie at heart. The North Carolina native was out for a jog a few weeks ago, and found two abandoned cats. Or, more accurately, they found him. Unable to leave the felines as he found them, Eric took them to his house and came up with a creative way to search for homes for the animals.

"Hi, I'm Jesse Colter and this is my mama June Carter," one of the cats 'wrote' on the singer's website. "I'm around four or five months old and June is around a year old. We were dumped out in a subdivision near a lake and left to fend for ourselves in the woods. It's very dark and scary in the woods all alone but we had each other through thunderstorms, wild coyotes and bobcats. I would have never made it if it wasn't for my mom hunting for me, nursing me, even when she had no food for herself she always put me first."

"We've always liked country music!," the note continues. "One day we noticed a guy singing as he was running down the road and we started to follow him. Little did we know at the time, it was country music singer, Eric Church. We were so hungry for so long, literally starving to death. He fed us and loved us for 3 days over the 4th of July. Even though he said in one of his songs that he 'believes dogs are better than cats,' don't believe him, we know we won him over. He promised to help find us the perfect loving home since he couldn't take us himself, he is allergic to us! My mom and I have been through so much together, I can't imagine a life without her. We are looking for a loving home to start a new life together."

"We love people and purr really loud," the website letter from the kitten concludes. "We have been at the vet for the last 2 weeks where we've had all our shots, both have recovered from being spade, and we're up to date on flea and tick prevention. We have been told we are perfectly healthy! We are free to anyone that will give us a loving home!"

Thankfully, a kind woman in Eric's home state recently adopted both cats, which is a good thing since the talented singer will be spending much of the next few months out on the road. His single, 'Smoke a Little Smoke,' is steadily climbing the charts. Click here for his touring schedule.

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