Eric Church is known for putting on an incredible live show. But while he pours his heart and soul into each concert on his current Outsiders World Tour, his dedicated crew works just as hard.

“These guys, they’re my family,” Church tells CBS News. “They would have my back in any situation, and I would have theirs.

“They’ve busted their a-- since 7 AM, and they've been out there doing what they do," Church adds. "And I feel like when I walk out there, I get to, for them, spike the ball.”

Church's tour utilizes 14 trucks, 12 buses and more than 100 people to get the job done day after day, night after night. The total cost of the nine-month tour is around $19 million, but the 'Talladega' singer says that the high cost, including keeping so many people on payroll, is more than worth it.

“The Outsiders World Tour was planned to celebrate with fans," Church says. "I felt like this was our moment ... I don't feel like we would have had any of the other success without it."

The singer-songwriter relies heavily on his band and crew -- but he isn't totally dependent on them. At a recent show in Salt Lake City, Utah, most of his band and crew were plagued with a stomach bug, so Church took the stage solo to perform an acoustic set.

“If you’ve seen our show so far on this tour, you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on right now. Well, so am I,” Church said from stage. "We've talked about how every show on the Outsiders Tour is different. Well, tonight will be the most different one."

Church's crew will get a few weeks off, presumably so Church can be home for the birth of his little boy, who is expected to arrive any day now. His next scheduled show is on March 3 at the Houston Rodeo. See tour information here.

Watch Church's performance of 'Give Me Back My Hometown' at the 2015 Grammy Awards here.

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