The life of a successful musician can often appear quite fabulous, with its tricked-out tour buses and screaming fans, but the Eli Young Band insist that there's "nothing glamorous" about the lives they live.

"I think a lot of people [over]estimate how we actually live," Mike Eli tells Taste of Country at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival. "We live that lifestyle [that we sing about] every day."

Bassist Jon Jones adds that EYB "party really hard on the road; we burn it out really hard," but when they go home, "we live really normal, pretty mundane lives."

The band was sure to pay tribute during their Friday evening (June 12) set at ToC Fest to those who allow them to lead their "normal, pretty mundane lives" -- firefighters, military members, first responders and other American heroes.

“I have to tell you how lucky we know we are. We get to play music for a living … You gave us this opportunity, and we thank you for that,” Eli said from stage. “God bless each and every one of you. We all get to follow our dreams because of people like you.”

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