The Eli Young Band will soon return to the studio to complete their next album, which will include the fan favorite, 'Crazy Girl.'

The band played the song live throughout most of the Country Throwdown tour, resulting on a flood of fan posts on the band's MySpace page asking for a release date. "Patience!" say the EYB bandmates, who note they're about six songs into the album, expected to release in early 2011.

"We are an organic band, and we take a little longer in the studio," lead singer Mike Eli tells The Boot. "When we hit the studio, that's when we really finish the songs."

Another reason the band may be slower to release albums is that they don't use session musicians, no matter how talented.

"We pride ourselves on that," guitarist James Young tells The Boot. "It's always just the four of us. It's always that way and will always be that way."

The members each bring different musical backgrounds and preferences to their songs. When they formed the band, each member learned from the others. That melding of ideas translated into the Eli Young Band sound.

Remove one member, the bandmates say, and it wouldn't be the same sound or band.

Yet what about the current philosophy many have that music needs to be slotted into a certain format to work?

"Country fans are music fans," bassist Jon Jones tells The Boot. "You find a few country fans who are not into other formats but for the most part you find fans don't listen to just one format ... We went on tour with Dave Matthews and then we went on tour with Alan Jackson. When you think about it, that's two totally different acts and we did very well on both tours. That's why our music is in a good place right now."

The Eli Young Band are continuing to tour. Their next concerts are June 25 in Cadott, Wis. and June 26 in Manhattan, Kan. For complete tour dates, click here.

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