Eddie Montgomery's mad as hell. One-half of Montgomery Gentry went on a very NSFW Twitter rant Thursday morning (July 23), railing against the U.S. government.

News broke early Thursday about two Russian bombers flying close to the California coast on July 4 -- not for the first time. Despite the fact that Capt. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, says that the Russian planes were within their rights to be in the airspace and that they were professional throughout the encounter, some are not pleased with the news and consider the event a threat.

"Dam now we got Russia bombers off the coast of California makein fun of our AMERICAN PILOTS!" Montgomery begins his 12-tweet rant. "PLZ CAN WE FIRE ALL THOSE ASSWHOLES N WASHINGTON [sic]."

He goes on to mention the recent Chattanooga shootings and Iran, saying that "we're slowly seeing those rich ASSWHOLES ain't going to take care of us so it's going to have to fall back on WE THE PEOPLE!!! [sic]"

"INSTEAD OF ASKING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE I THOUGHT OUR GOVERMENT IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE BEST EDUCATED IN THE WORLD!! U ARE SCREWING US OVER!!!" Montgomery continues. "I say they should be one more ballot on voting machine ,, it should say FIRE THEM ALL AND START OVER [sic].

"I think they think we're stupid and don't care!! I'm bout over that crap,, it's time to take OUR GREAT COUNTRY BACK!!!" the singer concludes. "... This is OUR COUNRTY!!! [sic]"

Montgomery Gentry are well-known supporters of the U.S. military. Their most recent album, Folks Like Us, was released in June.