Easton Corbin has earned himself an opening slot on what is bound to be one of the biggest tours of 2016: Carrie Underwood's The Storyteller Tour -- Stories in the Round. But he also may have signed up for some ... well, interesting backstage duties.

"She actually texted me, which was really, really cool," Corbin tells The Boot. "She’s like, ‘Hey, let’s figure out some songs that we could sing together.’ And [then she said], ‘Oh, by the way, are you good at changing diapers?’

"I said, ‘I’ve got the song thing down pretty good, but the diaper thing might take a little practice,'" Corbin admits. "But I’m a team player. I got a hose."

All kidding aside, the 33-year-old says that being asked to join the country superstar on the road is one of the highlights of his career.

"It’s something that’s a big deal. It’s such an honor to be on and be asked to be a part of that," Corbin acknowledges. "The Swon Brothers are going to be out there, and they’re good guys as well. Not only is it going to be a lot of fun for us, but I think for the audience out there, it’s going to be great."

The Storyteller Tour -- Stories in the Round is scheduled to kick off on Jan. 30 in Jacksonville, Fla. A list of all of Corbin's upcoming shows is available on his website. His newest album, About to Get Real, is available for download on iTunes.

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