Easton Corbin's sophomore album, All Over the Road, will be released this fall, and the title could accurately describe his summer plans as well. The Florida native got a huge career boost when he was invited out with Brad Paisley in 2010, on his H20 Tour, and now he's out with his good friend again, this time on the Virtual Reality World tour.

"Brad's a great guy," Easton tells The Boot. "About two years ago, the first really big tour I ever went on, he let me play the water stage. As a new artist, that's really an honor and a great learning experience. He's a pretty smart guy and he's pretty clever."

Easton happily credits the superstar entertainer with giving his career a healthy jump-start. "That's what you work for," he notes. "As a new artist, you hope to have that but there's no guarantee. Now we have a new single out called 'Loving You Is Fun,' and it's doing very well."

With a new album on the horizon, Easton couldn't be faulted for fearing the sophomore jinx, but he's not concerned at all.

"I don't worry about it," he tells The Boot. "Hopefully this record will be just as good as the first, and I feel like it will be. I think if I look at this record like I did the last one, it should be just as good."

One thing Easton might be worried about is whether Brad will pull another prank on him, like the one he perpetrated in 2010. Along with select dates on the Virtual Reality tour, Easton is performing several solo dates, including a stop in Mountain Grove, Mo. Friday night (June 29). See his tour schedule here.

Watch Easton's 'Lovin' You Is Fun' Video