Dustin Lynch was injured onstage by a flying beer can on Friday (Oct. 17) -- and get this, it was thrown by someone in Niceville, Fla. Apparently there's at least one person who's not particularly nice in this town, because the beer can wasn't empty; it was completely full.

The singer was playing at the Mullet Festival, finishing up a cover of Garth Brooks' hit 'Friends in Low Places' when it happened: a beer can was hurled from the crowd, hitting Lynch in the face.

“I was walking down the catwalk and just wham, out of nowhere this beer can just nailed me in the face,” he tells People. “It was a completely full can and it felt like a baseball had hit me.”

The video above catches the exact moment, and he flinches in pain as the can connects with his face. “Who threw the beer?” he asks the crowd. While he couldn't pinpoint the fan who threw it, other concert-goers tried to point the person out, ending in a small brawl. Unfortunately, the beer-thrower was not caught. But, Lynch didn't let a little blood stop him.

He says, "We finished the show out like we always do. It was just a little bloodier than usual."

After the set, the 'Where It's At' singer was taken to the emergency room where he received stitches. It really was, as his new single says, one hell of a night -- at least during the beer can incident.

Lynch came away from the evening a little banged up, with a lesson to teach all fans: "The moral of the story is don't throw beer cans, period. It's not cool. This guy caused an incident that almost ruined a great night. The crowd was insanely loud and supportive and that's why I wanted to finish my show [despite the bleeding]. I didn't want to get off the stage until I had to."

The Tennessee native has been a busy boy, releasing 'Where It's At' in September. He'll hit the stage again Saturday in Alpharetta, Ga. but hopefully there will be no thrown objects involved.