While there are plenty of artists who dislike seeing fans on their phones during a concert, Dustin Lynch isn't one of them. The singer-songwriter says he actually thinks it's good for him and his music.

“When they post it to social media and to Snapchat, it’s the whole ‘Wish you were here’ or ‘You shoulda came,'" he tells ABC News Radio. "So, it’s a great advertisement, too, for us.”

Lynch, who released his 'Where It's At' album last year, says he takes it as a compliment when concert attendees want to whip out their phones right away.

"A lot of people get there four or five hours early, and they're just standing, waiting," Lynch adds. "So, when we hit the stage, that first song, the phones are out, the Snapchats are going off, and they're videoing and taking the pictures."

Not all artists agree with Lynch, however: Kip Moore says he wants fans to "put the phone down and just enjoy what’s going on right now," while Sheryl Crow says that "it is not nearly as much fun to play to people's cameras instead of to their eyes.”

Lynch will spend much of the first part of the year on the road, including shows in Michigan and Ohio this week. See all of his upcoming concerts here.