Dustin Lynch is only two albums into his career, but he's already had the sort of success many young artists only dream of: The Tennessee native hit No. 1 with his 2012 debut record and earned two No. 1 singles from his sophomore project, 2014's Where It's At. He is currently working on his third studio album while spending time on tour with Luke Bryan -- and just trying to take it all in stride.

"I want to have a nice, slow climb and big, big, big long plateau, and be able to do this as long as I want to do it," Lynch tells The Boot, "which I think will be until I kick the bucket.

"[I don’t want to] leave anything on the table. My goal is to be the best that I can be," he adds. "This year is going to be huge, in the creative sense, for me. There’s this blank page that I’ve got to fill out, and I know that whatever that page ends up being is going to be what I have to live with for the next few years, so I want to make sure it’s awesome."

Before moving to Nashville for college, Lynch honed his skills in and around his hometown of Tullahoma. His roots still keep him grounded -- so much so, in fact, that Lynch admits that he sometimes forgets how well-known he is across the country.

"I get to hang out with a lot of cool people, a lot of cool lifestyles, that I used to not. It’s allowed me to travel around and broaden my subculture, I think. I never thought I would have a great group of friends in Los Angeles. I never thought I’d have a great group of friends in Las Vegas or Dallas," he says. "It’s been very bizarre to see what kind of little pockets of the country you find people to do a lot of your life with."

The 30-year-old also still isn't quite used to how much his music affects his fans.

"I didn’t see my song becoming a part of somebody’s life, bringing people together. I think it’s very bizarre that people come up to me and tell me they got pregnant after one of my concerts or their first date was my concert, and now they’re married," Lynch continues. "It’s crazy to think music brings people together like that and changes lives, literally. It makes lives."

A list of all of Lynch's upcoming concert dates is available on his website.

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