Dulcie Taylor releases her fourth album, 'Free of This Sorrow,' today (March 13), and as a 'thank you' to her fans -- new and old -- she's offering a free download of the project's title track. The singer-songwriter has teamed with The Boot to share the haunting, wishful tune, which she co-wrote with George Williams.

"'Free of This Sorrow' came about through the experiences of a dearly beloved friend who struggles with depression," Dulcie tells The Boot. "Then I realized that we all do at some point in our lives. It's that feeling that if you can just get in your car, get out on the highway and keep driving ... maybe peeling the miles off the road will somehow peel some of the pain out of your heart. All the while hoping that somewhere down the highway you'll be 'Free of This Sorrow'."

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Dulcie describes her first record in eight years as "good love, bad love, life lived and lessons learned." She continues, "The sessions were wonderful from the minute we started. The feeling was just easy and natural. Everyone had a great time."

While not every track is upbeat, the ease of recording can be heard in the collection, all of which Dulcie either wrote or co-wrote. Get a full list of tour dates, as well as a preview of the album here, and buy the full 'Free of This Sorrow' album here.