Driftwood are sharing a performance, from their Campfire Sessions series, of their new song 'Talkin'." Click play above to watch the country-folk outfit gather 'round a fire for an intimate acoustic performance.

With an upbeat guitar, plucky banjo and fast-singing lyrical element, "Talkin'" is a perfect love song for Americana fans. It's a song you can dance around to with your one and only -- perfect for those early days of a relationship, when everything is going right.

"Falling in love is one of life's greatest highs," says Driftwood's violinist and vocalist, Claire Byrne. ""Talkin'" is a sappy, happy love song about how euphoric love feels. It is about realizing that it might be right this time and how you've already changed for the better. Enough words and thoughts, just breathe it in and enjoy it."

In "Talkin'," Byrne sings with measured abandon over the tight harmonies of her bandmates, each of whom shines in his own way throughout the track. Along with Byrne, Driftwood's members are guitarist Dan Forsyth, upright bassist Joey Arcuri and banjo player Joe Kollar, and "Talkin'" naturally captures the strength of each individual as they transform a simple love song into a raucous, barn-burning party.

"Every night, I've been praying / Every night with my lamp down low / Every night, my mind is racing / Something I know, I can't let go / Something I know, and I can't let go," sings Byrne in the song's first verse. "The life I led when I was younger / Things I done, before I met you / They do not hold me anymore / Need all of my time, baby, just for you / In all my mind, honey, it's only you."

Formed in 2005 in upstate New York, Driftwood quickly paved a unique path for themselves, fusing traditional Americana and bluegrass with more contemporary influences in everything from folk-rock to punk music. With their latest record, City Lights, released on Nov. 4, the quartet has continued to hone their eclectic sound with polished instrumentation and tight harmonies, all while maintaining an organic, down-home feel to their music.

Driftwood are currently on the road promoting their new record. For more information on tour dates and to order City Lights, visit the band's official website.