Dolly Parton made sure old pals Kenny Rogers, Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Miley Cyrus were all on the guest list at the taping of her upcoming TV special celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Dollywood theme park. The iconic entertainer says each guest is special to her for different reasons.

"Kenny and I are like an old married couple," Dolly tells Scrippsnews. "Miley is so hot right now, and Billy Ray, well, he's just plain hot to me!"

Dolly and the Cyruses spent some time in an attic above Dollywood playing guitar and reminiscing while taping the special. When Dolly and Billy Ray launched into her 1994 hit, 'Romeo' (which featured Billy Ray), she was curious if Miley knew the song, since she was about two years old when it hit the airwaves. "Oh, yeah," Miley told Dolly (who also happens to be the young pop star's godmother), "I used to dance to the video all the time when I was a kid."

Miley and Dolly also worked up a special version of 'Jolene' for the show, while Kenny helped the effervescent Dolly on their smash duet 'Islands in ihe Stream,' and 'I Will Always Love You.' The hour-long special will also include views of the park and taped well wishes from artists who have performed at the theme park through the years.

'Dolly Celebrates 25 Years of Dollywood' premieres Saturday, July 3, at 8:00 PM ET on the Hallmark Channel.

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