Dolly PartonFor more than 40 years, Dolly Parton has had a enthusiastic fan base all over the world. And her European fans are some of the most loyal and demonstrative, which is in part what led the superstar to record the new CD/DVD 'Live in London,' at the city's O2 Arena stop on her 2008 tour.

But even the unflappable entertainer, for whom pink is a signature color, was a bit taken aback by the sea of pink cowboy hats she witnessed from the stage of that massive venue.

"They sell all the merchandise out front," Dolly tells The 9513, "so [fans] usually buy it when they come to the show, during intermission or after the show. Those pink cowboy hats that you see all through the video ... they all want to feel like they're a part of Nashville and a part of that cowboy country-western kind of look. We sold a ton of those pink hats, and it was kind of funny looking out and seeing all that."

Even in their sparkly pink hats, Dolly says European audiences are respectful. "They love country music, and they've been very loyal and very devoted to me for 40 years. Even in the very early days of my career, I used to go there, and my career just grew from there. They've followed me along and supported me. That's why the reaction is so wonderful, because they want to let you know that they love you and they're glad you came, and they want to let you know they hope you come back. They show a lot of love and excitement."

Which is not to say that American audiences don't feel the same, she points out. "But they know that they can come see us anywhere we are. Those faraway places like that, you get a wilder crowd lots of times. It was all fun, and we love the fact that they love country music, and especially the fact that they seem to love me. I'm very touched by that."

The 'Dolly: Live from London' CD/DVD will be in stores tomorrow (Nov. 10).