After a record-breaking overseas tour, Dolly Parton's latest album, 'Blue Smoke,' has gone platinum in the UK.

In the UK, the album is sold as a two-disc set called 'Blue Smoke ... the Best Of.' Disc 1 contains the tracks from 'Blue Smoke,' and a second disc is filled with 20 of Parton's former hits, like '9 to 5,' 'Islands in the Stream' and 'Love is Like a Butterfly.'

"I was so happy when 'Blue Smoke' went silver, so excited when it went gold, and now I'm over the moon to hear that we have gone platinum,” says Parton. “Thanks to the fans and to everybody who made this happen."

Parton's success in the UK can't be solely attributed to the second disc on 'Blue Smoke,' however. The album's new songs have done well overseas, with 'Try' and 'Home' hitting the Top 30 on the airplay charts; the title song, as well as her cover of Bon Jovi's 'Lay Your Hands on Me,' meanwhile, graced the Top 40. Parton was also nominated for Artist of the Year at the 2014 BBC Music Awards.

'Blue Smoke ... the Best Of' is the biggest album from any international female artist in 2014 so far.