Dolly Parton's music and acting career has already paired her with some of the world's biggest stars, including Jane Fonda, Kenny Rogers and Sally Field, but now she's about to collaborate with two of the world's most renowned figures: former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, on a new series for the BBC.

'Fern Britton Meets' focuses on the role faith plays in the lives of several famous people, the Associated Press reports. And while the series will tackle some heavy subjects, including the Prime Minister's conversion to Catholicism and the Archbishop's role in fighting injustice in South Africa, Dolly will take a much more light-hearted approach.

The effusive superstar will share how she balances acting out her faith with embracing her flirty stage persona. Dolly, who was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame earlier this year, recalls hearing as a child that "a dancing foot and a praying knee don't fit on the same leg," and notes that she has fought to balance both her faith and her love of performing throughout her entire career.

"All the interviewees come from very different backgrounds, but what binds them together is the fact that, although their faith has been challenged, they've emerged with strong spiritual beliefs," says show presenter Fern Britton. The series will begin on BBC in late November and run for four weeks.