With a new chart-topping album and summer tour that kicks off July 21 in Detroit, the Dixie Chicks'  Natalie Maines couldn't ask for better timing -- the TV season just ended.

"I love to read and usually I catch up with Tivo," the singer says, adding that now that all the shows have ended, "I've got more free time to do my Sudoku." She says proudly that she's reached genius level on the addictive numbers game.

Before the season ended, what kept her riveted to Tivo? "I loved 'Breaking Bonaduce' -- wish that would come back. And I love 'Project Runway,' 'America's Next Top Model,' 'Surreal Life' and 'Celebrity Fit Club.' I will watch almost any reality show," she says, laughing.

As a certified reality-TV expert, what reality show would she like to appear on? "None of them," she says with another laugh. "I like them because everybody's usually kind of weird. But the one I think is actually the best reality show with the most talent is 'Project Runway.' I'd like to be a judge on that."