There's plenty of material left over from the Dixie Chicks' sessions with Rick Rubin for their latest chart-topping album, 'Taking the Long Way.'

Three songs in particular -- 'Flowers,' 'Thin Line' and 'Live Wire' -- will find their way into fans' hands . . . if the Chicks can remember where they are.

"They're out there, or will be out there," singer Natalie Maines told AOL Music.

"Yeah, where are they right now?" added Emily Maguire, to laughter.

Maines also said that while she's pleased the group's music has been meaningful in many fans' lives, she's more concerned with influencing her own children. She hopes they learn "to think for themselves and not follow the crowd" and to "become who they think it's best to become. Unless it's a right-wing conservative."

Check out the Chicks' Sessions performance.