The Dixie Chicks may be on a temporary hiatus, but the superstar trio's music certainly lives on through their fans. The Boot teamed up with the Chicks for a contest in conjunction with the Nov. 29 release of their 'VH1 Storytellers' DVD. Entrants were asked to film themselves performing one of the tracks from the upcoming project and submit their videos, and we received clips from talented Chicks fans from coast to coast.

See the Top 10 Dixie Chicks cover songs performances below (listed in no particular order). All ten winners will receive a free 'Dixie Chicks: VH1 Storytellers' DVD. The No. 1 finalist will also win a copy of 'The Essential Dixie Chicks' album and an acoustic guitar. Who do you think should be our No. 1 pick? Watch all ten videos below, and let us know your favorite in the 'Add a Comment' section underneath the players.

Noel Sings 'Cowboy Take Me Away'

Tori Sings 'Easy Silence'

Robin, Erika, Kelsey and Karlyn Sing 'Lullaby'

Chase and Amanda Sing 'Truth No. 2'

Beja Sings 'Wide Open Spaces'

Brad Performs 'Easy Silence'

Nisha Performs 'Cowboy Take Me Away'

Katie Sings 'Silent House'

Emma Sings 'Lullaby'

Shana Sings 'Easy Silence'

Dixie Chicks, 'VH1 Storytellers' Tracklisting:

(in stores Nov. 29; pre-order here)

'The Long Way Around'

'Truth No.2'

'Silent House'

'Cowboy Take Me Away'


'Lubbock or Leave It'

'Not ready to Make Nice'

'Easy Silence'

'So Hard'

'Wide Open Spaces'

'Sin Wagon'