Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines is making the leap to the big-screen. The 32-year-old musician has signed on to star in the independent film, 'Stealing Cars.'

Maines doesn't have to look very far for acting lessons. She tells People magazine that her husband, 'Heros' star Adrian Pasdar, is her acting mentor. "He's a huge help and very supportive," she says. "He has given me advice on auditions in the past, but it still makes me nervous because I'm inexperienced when it comes to acting, and he's a professional."

'Stealing Cars' begins shooting in September. Maines will reportedly play a prison nurse. It's a role for which filmmaker Michael Skolnik sought out Maines after seeing her in the Dixie Chicks documentary, 'Shut Up and Sing.'

"It's my dream scenario to have a director who believes in me and thinks I can do it," says Maines. The 13-time Grammy winner says she has always wanted to act but hasn't had the time to dedicate to a movie shoot until now.

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