When Billy Currington took Entertainment Weekly's Pop Culture Personality Test recently, he told a funny story about being mistaken for fellow curly-haired country hunk Dierks Bentley at the Nashville airport. So when EW put Bentley to the test, naturally the question came up again. And like some sort of airport epidemic, the mistaken identity apparently works both ways.

"About four years ago, I was in an airport going through the screener, and I failed the thing twice," Bentley recalls. "So now I'm over getting the hand wand thing ... All of a sudden, this woman's facial expression changed. She's like, 'Oh, I know who you are.' I'm like, cool, maybe this will speed things up. 'I saw you dancin' around in that video with Shania Twain ['Party For Two'].' 'Oh yeah, that's me -- Billy.' So I signed an autograph Billy Currington."

While Bentley remains one of traditional country music's most staunch supporters, his musical tastes run the gamut from U2 to '80s hair bands to ... the Jonas Brothers?

"I'm very intrigued by the Jonas Brothers," Bentley confesses. "It's good music! I actually downloaded ['Girl of My Dreams']. I hate to have that on tape. The line that stuck out was something about 'you can take this, you can take that, you can take this awesome scarf my grandma made for me.' I loved it. They're singing it all punk. [Scrunches up his face and sings] 'You can take this awesome scarf my grandma made for me.' It's lyrics for a younger audience, but they really perform with a lot of bravado and they have a lot of great moves. When I was 13, I was just figuring out how to play 'Eruption,' poorly, by Eddie Van Halen."

On the subject of movies, Bentley isn't afraid to profess his love for 'The Devil Wears Prada,' and has no trouble confessing that he gets choked up at the racing-themed drama, 'Days of Thunder.'

"When Rowdy Burns asks Cole Trickle to drive his car in Daytona ... that is a tender moment for any guy out there. As a dude, as a NASCAR fan, that's a big deal."