Dierks Bentley's recent No. 1 song "Different for Girls" was a different sort of song for the country star, in part because it reflects his thoughts as a father of two girls, 8-year-old Evie and Jordan, 5 (Bentley also has a 3-year-old son, Knox). The tune was a shift for Bentley -- who admits that he sings it "from a parent’s perspective" -- but while the artist's priorities have changed, he isn't ready to give up singing about beer and parties anytime soon.

"I don’t think my music’s changed to reflect being married and having kids," Bentley recently told The Boot and other reporters. "I think it just forces you, if you want to continue down the road of writing your own songs, you’ve got to find deeper stuff to write about; you’ve got to go to different places and look for things. I could go back to "What Was I Thinking" ... I still feel like the same guy who wrote that song and lived that moment again."

Bentley notes that life as an artist, husband and father, all at once, forces him to work harder to write better songs.

"I don’t want to write songs about kids or stuff like that -- I want to write songs about my life," the Arizona native says. "I feel like I’ve always written songs about my life, whether it’s "Modern Day Drifter" or … now the song "Black," about my relationship with my wife and family and life in general -- a different perspective on life. I feel like that comes through in music. So, hopefully, it’s always there, but in a more abstract way; it’s not so straightforward."

On Nov. 2, Bentley won a CMA for Musical Event of the Year for "Different for Girls."

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