Evie Bentley took her first steps this week, while Daddy Dierks Bentley was sadly out on the road. "Yeah, wouldn't you know I'd miss it?" Dierks told The Boot at his No. 1 party in Nashville for the hit single, 'Sideways.' "She took four steps. She has this rope and she was holding onto it and walking."

Dierks had just posted a cute photo of him and Evie on Twitter, which had elicited some fun responses from fans. "I guess I'll have to put up another one now with her walking," says the proud Dad.

Dierks admits that while he loves being on the road, it is great to know that he can come home to wife Cassidy and his baby girl. "I used to have a crash pad in this old house boat that I owned, and it was damp and cold, had spiders. It was lonesome," the singer recalls. "Those are only the good old days because they're good to remember. It was fun, but now I've moved on."

When he's on the road, Dierks says it's nice to know that when the lights go down, there's something waiting for him at home in Nashville.

"The fans go back to their lives, and I go back to my bunk where I can close the curtain and read or watch TV. But then when we head back to Nashville, it's really great to have a real life here with my family and friends. And certainly as a songwriter, I'm growing and trying to continue to find things to write about. It's great to have these life experiences, go around in different circles than I did a few years ago. I have more than I deserve -- I have the best of both worlds, and it really is a great life."