Dierks Bentley is so excited about his upcoming trip to Australia with Brooks & Dunn that he's even looking forward to the 20 hour flight. Well, that's not exactly what he says. The singer was actually commenting a little tongue-in-cheek when he told The Boot, "I cannot wait for that 20 hour ride in coach, let me tell you."

This will be the second Australian tour for Brooks & Dunn but the first for Bentley, who joins them for the tour's kickoff in Perth on May 1.

"I've always wanted to go to Australia. I have had some other invitations to go down there but I was just waiting for the right opportunity," he admits.

Bentley considers Brooks & Dunn's sellout of their 2008 Australian trek an excellent reason to join them this year. "These guys have already gone down there; they've already sold out buildings," he says. "Now we get the chance to go down and open for them. It's the best way to introduce ourselves into the country and get in front of as many fans as possible ... Other than the flight, I can't wait!"

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